Sunday, November 16, 2008

Buying your first apartment in New York City

Knowledge, Understanding, and Experience

Whether you are brand new or a life long resident, buying your first apartment in New York City is going to be an experience. Hopefully that experience is filled with excitement, guidance, and anticipation of owning your own piece of the Big Apple.

When I begin working with somebody who is thinking or has decided to buy their first apartment the first thing I do is walk them through why buying a New York City apartment is going to be different than anywhere else. Educating the buyer about the difference between a condominium and co-op, board packages, walk-ups, and the jargon used to describe apartments. What’s a junior 4, classic 6, EIK, or a Pullman kitchen? I have a step by step process that will walk them through the first day all the way to the day of closing. Having an understanding of the pros and cons of buying a condominium or co-op is important to understand what the right type of apartment is for them. We have created a workbook for our buyers that acts as a guide to the entire process from A-Z in buying an apartment in New York City. It includes the time line guide for purchasing, questions to ask before purchasing, facts you want to know before looking and purchasing a Co-op, and the services we provide as a buyer’s broker.

I understand what its like to relocate to New York City. The first thing I had to figure out was what neighborhood I wanted to live in. For those relocating to Manhattan that can be a difficult decision. Each neighborhood has a lot to offer, has its drawbacks and its reasons why people love living there. The only way to choose a neighborhood is to go experience it firsthand; go walk the streets, try getting to your work from that neighborhood, go there on the weekends.

We continuously and successfully work with first time home buyers in Manhattan. We understand the importance of educating and guidance. We walk you through the entire process before you step foot into your first apartment. Buying an apartment can be scary and nerve racking; we understand that feeling because we have been there too. We have the resources and knowledge to make your experience a memorable one.

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