Sunday, November 9, 2008

New York City pet friendly Buildings

Pet Friendly Apartments in New York City Part I
According to Animal Fair Magazine New York City was chosen as the nation’s pet friendliest destination. According to Animal Fair Magazine, “The Big Apple is not just a tourist attraction for people anymore, but is inviting for their traveling pets too! Animal Fair is proud to present New York City the Pet-Friendliest Destination Award of 2008!”

So if New York City is so pet friendly for tourists why is it hard to find an apartment to rent or buy for the pet lovers who call New York City their full time residence?

Buying or renting an apartment in New York City can be a challenging process. Now factor in owning one or more pets and it can be overwhelming. Every building has a different pet policy, some won’t allow any pets, some will allow only cats, others allow dogs below 40 lbs, others just one dog. So what do you do if you have two 150 lb Great Danes, or if you are moving to the city and you will be bringing with you a 95 lb Rottweiler that’s been a part of your family for 10 years.

What buildings are pet friendly? Am I better off buying a co-op or condominium because I have pets? What buildings allow certain breeds? Did you know that certain New York City buildings cater to dog loving enthusiasts? Where are the most pet friendly dog parks?

If you are buying into a co-op you might have to bring your dog or dogs with you to the interview process so your pets can mingle with the pets of the current owners to make sure they get along. When renting an apartment we help our customers write a cover letter with pictures and description of their pets so the owner or management company can see the pet and get an idea of what type of factor or non-factor the pet may be.

We understand the difficulties with finding apartments that are pet friendly and navigating the maze. We know the buildings that are pet friendly in Manhattan. Contact us Now if you are looking for an apartment for you and your pet!

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