Thursday, November 6, 2008

How is the Market!?

Well that depends! Are you interested selling, buying, or investing? This is the number one question people ask us right now about Real Easte. There is no singular answer. What we do know is that we are continuously working and helping our customers who have specific and real needs to buy or sell property. Relocation, expanding families, downsizing, financial problems, these are the reasons why our customers are buying now.

More frequent communication with sellers is needed. In this market, sellers are counting on professionals to keep them inform as to what is going on with the current market, the activities or sometimes the lack of activity on the market place. Sellers (the motivated) ones are willing to listen to offers, counter offers, and possibly accept less than what they think they can get if it is an ALL CASH buyer. However, I have not yet seen a seller that is willing to sell it at a 'basement fire sale' price.

On the buyers' side, if ones does not need financing, and yes, this is the market that we would consider CASH IS KING...
I think this is a great time to go out there shop around and make aggressive (not necessary low ball) offers.

We have also seen an upturn in rental business. Renters are seeing more and more incentives being thrown their way in the form of reduced rents, free first months rent, other creative offers to attract more activities.

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